Monday, June 02, 2008


Our scout HQ has rats. And I don't mean that the BNP have turned up trying to indoctinate my little band of horrors. No we actually have small, furry, omnivours in our ramshackle lean to.

There I was this evening, not actually dealing with the kids but digging kit out for this weekend's camp from the attic, when I saw it. A big sod, more the size of a rabbit, bloody huge, happily trundling along before disappearing into an inaccessible corner, no doubt eating a load of expensive kits (although hopefully the stuff that belongs to the Guides!).

What fun we will have now getting rid of the little sods.


Putz said...

for you and rebeca, an american compares scouting event to english in his blog, second post after you get to blog

Putz said...

3rd post now, you are so slow

Putz said...

i can't get off my mind what horrible thing happenened with those five boy scouts, dead at a scout camp by a tornado, i feel for the leaders and the 40 boys injured and of course the five dead