Sunday, April 13, 2008

The ones that get away

One of my cubs quit this week. It was no great drama and lets face it it's a pretty minor event on the world stage. She didn't fall out with me, there was no great upset, she just decided she didn't want to come any more.

This doesn't happen that often, it must be over a year since the last time that happened, yet each time I can't help but take it personally. It's stupid I know, really stupid, this is a hobby, it's not something that is going to change the world, yet i always end up wondering, could I be doing my job better? Is it something that I did or said?

Yes I know it's absurd, if I was losing kids hand over fist then I might do well to ask that, but I'm not so I shouldn't!

Time to pull myself together a little.

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Putz said...

you so remind me 0f me....i take things with my scouts so boy called me and said(rob) what are we doing teusday night, huh, huh, and i said we were going over mapping exercises and he says, oh i guess i got to work, and i say we have haveing scones for a treat and some of the mapping will be in the field and he says ok, i'll be there....he does this every single week, but is always there for the camps