Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moan, moan, bloody moan

So the final result of the big game of the weekend was Man United 2 Arsenal 1.

And I ask you, am I the only football to fan to turn around and declare that they really couldn't give a toss? Really I don't. We keep being told that the Premier League is the greatest league in the world. How? In what way?

Here is a league which only 3, maybe 4, teams have a realistic chance of winning. Where newly promoted teams are considered to have performed miracles if they get into the top half of the table.

Once upon a time I could tell you the likely line up of most of the premier league clubs, but now I couldn't. Simply because I take no notice, because it's boring, it's dull, and that is tragic for our national game.

And it's not even like any of the clubs give me any reason to care about their fortunes. Today after the game the radio phone ins were filled with Arsenal fans moaning. Yes, the fans of a club that looks like they will have finished 2nd in the country two years running, who finished top the season before, got to the last 8 of the Champions League, have won more trophies over the last 10 years than I've had hot meals are moaning. Now what does that tell me about that club?

This year the FA cup will be won by an unfashionable club, which ever way it goes, and thank God for that. And will you hear the fans of the losing finalist moan? Have you heard the fans of the losing semi finalists moan?

Of course not.

Now THAT is football!

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