Monday, December 03, 2007

Ah yes, the great British public, one of my pet subjects. It never fails to amaze me just how dumb they can be. With the whole "teddy gate" fiasco in Sudan finally resolved I returned toone of my favourite websites the BBC have your say section. One post on their stodd out, it said the following.

"She should never have been charged let alone found guilty in the first place.The president is alleged to be embarrassed. I would have thought that was putting it mildly.Coudl I ask why it was necessary for two Muslim peers to go and argue her case? What was the diplomatic service and British government doing? They too should be ashamed that they could not seemingly get her immediate release, even if it meant saying "Release her or else".

Now it does not take the brain of Britain to figure out what was happening in Sudan, this poor woman who was at worst a little insensitive, and frankly that's an exageration, was used as a pawn in the government's wish to be seen to standing up to the west. Such is life.

So this man thinks that using the bog standard diplomatic procedures is going to resolve things. They were never going to. In fact the government dealt with it very well, by letting moderate muslims in parliamnet go and do the negotiating they saved a lot of upheaval.

This man seem to think that threatening war is better than putting two peers on a plane to Africa.

Once again the great British public leaves me astounded.

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