Friday, October 05, 2007

Well once again it's been a wee while since I posted here, I hope to start getting back into the habbit of posting more often, I'm definately feeling the urge to write!

What I'd like to comment on though is the strange things that bring back memories.

When I was young, and I mean primary school age, I used to spend a huge amount of time at my grand parents who live 10 minutes walk from my parents house. Most of my school holidays were spent there as both my parents worked but the most vivid memories are the sunday evenings we used to often spend round there as a family, particularly in winter. Now what i remember most is some game me and my sister used to play that for some reason involved pearing out of their letter box. The letter box had a metalic smell to it (which, being metal, is hardly surprising!) but that metalic smell, despite the fact it could relate to anything metal, always brings back those memories, most of which are 20 years old now.

Anyone that has read this blog before will know that I was very close to my Nan on that side of my family so you might say that there is some link there that makes the memories associated with that smell so vivid, but why? Why that very small thing? My Nan used to dish out sultunas as a snack but they dont have the same association for me, nor does the old card table of hers that I now have in my front room. I just find it very strange that something liek the smell of a letter box can bring back such memories.


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