Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Listen Up.

It’s time for a regular feature to come back up on here, and that is a little reminder to those of you who don’t know that I, like virtually all scout leaders, am a volunteer that does this for free. I don’t get paid a thing, in actual fact I regularly end up out of pocket. I do everything in my own time (well ok, some time in my employers time as well, but what the boss doesn’t know wont hurt him!), I regularly end up taking annual leave to do what I do.

I don’t want that to sound like a complaint because it’s not. I love what I do and certainly wouldn’t put in the efforts that I do if I didn’t. Yet at the end of the day I do have a life away from this, of at least I pretend to anyway.

It is for this reason that I am finding the attitude of one or two parents of my Cubs annoying to the point of being offensive. I wont go into details, I don’t think it’s appropriate, but suffice to say that they need to understand that I am not at their beck and call 24 hours a day. They need to deal with the fact that sometimes you just have to wait. We try and instil in the kids a number of values, these include, as well as many others, courtesy, patients and self reliance. While they do very well I feel that a number of their parents could do with the same lesson.

Rant over.

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