Thursday, July 19, 2007

So just how are flights to New York and a hefty bill for lunch linked leaving me feeling a little agrieved and out of pocket?

It works like this, I just pretended to work this morning, actually what I was doing was searching or flights to New York for myself and Mrs Akela to take a holiday there this November. So far so good. But it got even better! I found an utter bargain, £241 each return, Stansted to New York, time to fill one's boots I think.

Akela had, however, promised to meet Mrs Akela for lunch, so off he toddled and settled the bill for a nice round £20.

Now what I can hear you shouting is that that is not very much for lunch, Akela seems to be getting a bit pickey! But read on fellow bloggers, read on........

Returning to my desk some 2 hours later I dug my credit card out and so armed went to book the flights, but what's this? What do I see before me? No longer are they £241 each! They are £265! In the space of 2 hours, some 4 months before we are due to fly they had gone up 10%!!!!

Now I know that £265 is still a bargain basement price to pay, but really, to go up by that much in 2 hours? Somebody somewhere is taking the piss! It means I paid £70 for lunch, at that folks, is a lot!

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Rebecka said...

Sounds like train tickets I tried to by to get down to Devon last summer, blasted things when up in the time it took to confer with parents about the time of wretched train I had to catch. The wonders of transport.