Monday, March 12, 2007

So.... plenty to say!

Firstly, Saturday we had District Cubs swimming gala. And my little band of cherubs were crap. They tried, my God they tried and they took their crapness with a fantastic humour (except for one indivual who sulked) but the fact is they were still crap.

One day we might win something, but with our current crop, not just yet.......

So then off I toddled to the pub with a couple of friends. I confused the bouncer at one pub, as I had come straight from the gala I had a bag with me and the conversation went something like,

"What's in your bag?"

"Believe it or not, two pairs of flippers, a scout leader uniform and a pair of flip flops?"

"You what?" (Looks in bag") "Fair do's, in you go." (Bouncer looks at me with a confused look on face).

Unfortunately this was about 9pm andhaving not eaten anything since a very early 5pm tea the beer had some rather unfortunate side effects. ie I ended up utterly trollied on not a lot of beer. I was rather a prat and was forced to apologise to my friends Ross and Lizzie (who are two of the nicest people in the world!) the next day. They said it was quite ok and I was just funny but I still felt a prat.

And I had the worst hangover since the time I passed out in a flower bed at a wedding. I felt truly, truly, wretched. And I thoroughly deserved it. I am tempted to never ever drink again.

So to today (Monday).

I have been given "Achieving the ambition" training.

What did I learn?

A whole new set of buzz words that's what!

We have the joys of "change journey", "basket of indicators", "Hot houses", "Pace setters," and a "Balanced score card".

I do not know what any of these words actually mean.

I do not believe that the individuals who created them know what they mean either.

Bull shit is conquering the world, bit by bit, and we my friends are going to be subjegated to it if we are not careful.

Finally though there is some good stuff out there! Today is a gorgeous, sunny, early spring day and when I went out at lunch time I bumped into Lizzie who gave me a lift back to work and let me eat the chocolate eclair that I found in her car. Small moments like that can just make you feel really good :-)

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