Monday, January 15, 2007

An ode to my iPod.......

Now before you start, yes yes yes I know ok! Apple are evil and are taking over the world and must be stopped because of the funny things they to MP3 files that make life difficult and mroe expensive for every one. The fact is though that Akela's sister bought him one for Crimbo and I'm very happy with it.

I've been uploading my record collection (which is starting to get slightly out of control) on to it bit by bit and have been rediscovering it. The fact is that I forgot just how gloriously chilled and blissed out the Bluetones were, the first few bars of Home Fires Burn and suddenly I was back on Newcastle Quay side on a summer night a few years back getting soaked to the skin (My God it rained!) but singing my heart out and loving it :-). I'd forgotten just how much early Oasis rocked and how fresh the Ordinary Boys sounded before one of them decidedto go reality TV, or how scary it is that Ash were just 16 when their first album came out and just how strange The Divine Comedy can actually be.

All in all I like my iPod.

So there!

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