Saturday, January 13, 2007

Akela's nightmare day

So the plan was to get up and go for a run but I ended up sleeping in and not really having time.

Lost the Cubs paying in book.

Had lunch and they brought the wrong order and some selfish bint kept blowing smoke towards me.

It rained.

Was forced to buy some pyjamas (much prefer sleeping in shorts).

Got an upset stomach.

Lost a contact lens in the street.

I've had enough of today.

Also been a strange today, every now and then I keep thinking back to a few days that I hadn't thought about for ages, probably years. It was a few days during the summer holidays when I was 16 or 17. It was an impossibly perfect few days when a gang of us from Ventures were utterly inseperable.

The weather was blisteringly hot and we did all kinds of random stuff. We went on a night hike through this wonderful summer night when the glow worms were out and the crickets were making a racket. The smell of summer was all around. We ended up kipping on a golf course!

We went to a climbing wall in London, we just hung out in my friend Trev's garden, we did stuff I can't even remember now.

All in all it was utterly perfect.

The kind of time that doesn't come very often, the kind of time we all long for I think.

Just not sure why it's popped in to my head now.

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Rebecka said...

Campfires do indeed rule.
I have thus pulled my finger out :p and what I was going to say has vanished like vanishing things do.
Today is almost over and tomorrow I hope will be better, maybe lots of good things will happen to make up for the bad things of today?
It sounds like you had an amazing summer that summer :) Maybe it popped into your head to remind you that there are utterly amazing days as well as nightmare ones?