Sunday, October 01, 2006

So like you do, after a hard day of gluing and cutting to get stuff ready for Cubs on Monday and I toddled down to the Carlton Arms with Baggy. Nothing to write home about except for something that quite upset me.

The Carlton is what you would call a comunity pub, it really is where local residents just to go to hang out, its not exactly a night spot! And there was as usual quite a mix of people in there including a rather strange looking couple of people on one of the sofas. One of them went home leaving a girl there who I guess was in her early 30's. She did a lot of rocking herself backwards and forwards and made rather odd whimpering noises. She went from person to person in the pub having the same conversation. Saying she was saying that this year she was going to get a good education, she knew someone that was going to help her, and that she wasn't learning anything as she was.

She had this conversation with me and I talked to her a bit about it before she wandered off.

One thing that upset me was how one or two people totally blanked her, i don't mean got rid of her quickly but actually completely ignored her, she spoke to them and they turned their back. I was disgusted. Now clearly this girl was not well and I hope for her sake that she is getting professional help and it might be rather to difficult to find youself having to make conversation with some one hwo may come across as a little strange, but to blank some one, whoever they are is awful. It is totally out of order and totally shocking.

The other thing that it made me think about was how we can't take on the world's problems on our own. There are many people in this girl's situation who clearly need help and a friend to help them out but not one of us on our own can help everyone. It takes communities to help people through their problems and last night I saw a community turn its back.

I was horrified.

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