Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Had a very nasty experience last night.

I followed my beloved Barnet to their Carling Cup game at Leeds. A group of us went up early, booked a hotel and decided to make a couple of days of it. All seemed to be going well (other than losing 3-1!) till after the game.

We walked back to the town centre from the ground and were directed where to go by the police, all nice and simple right? Wrong.

Turning down the wrong street we (4 of us) were followed by about 20-25 chavs who first started chanting very loudly at us (intimidating but nothing worse) and then, in no uncertain terms, asked us if we cared to engage them in hand to hand combat. When we declined their oh so kind offer they continued to hurk really nasty abuse at us, follow us up the street and throw stones and beer cans at us, one of which hit me smack in the back of the head.

The whole thing was bloody scary and I think it was only the fact there was a girl with us that meant we didn't get a good kicking.

There have also been reports that the police stopped an ambush of the supporters coaches by another gang.

Why do people have to behave like this? What the hell is the point? What gives them the right to assualt me and my friends? And what gives them the right to do it in the name of the game that I love? It has nothing to do with football. Absolutly nothing.

I am very angry indeed.

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