Tuesday, October 31, 2006

After Cubs last night we had a quick parents evening about our summer camp next year. Its going to be a bigger longer one than normal for a full week, we don't normally take Cubs away fro more than 3 nights (more's the pitty) and its jointly with Scouts and Explorers. We're going to the New Forrest to Hampshire's County camp. It looks really great. www.h007.org.uk gives loads more info.

The highlite looks like it will be a trip to the World Jamboree.

What i found difficult was getting it across to the parents just how special a jamboree is. I came back from Eurojam totally changed, I had simply never experienced anything like that. When I got back I wandered round with a daft grin on my face for weeks.

When I tried to get that across to the parents I just don't think it sank it. Shame really because I think some of their kids might miss out.

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