Tuesday, September 05, 2006

After my summer rants about the media back to some meat and spuds Cub....

Gilwell was great fun! If you've not been and had a go on 3G yet then make sure you do so sharpish. Large pioneering structure that sends you in to a 30 foot freefall. Utterly terrifying but my God its fun!

The weekend was a fantastic mix of great ideas, inspiring displays on what people are up to, old freinds, new friends, too much beer etc. I was a reunion virgin but now I will definately be back. And Katie if you are reading, sorry I didn;t come and find you but it was all a bit hectic!

Cubs was back last night, started the chef's badge, made too much food and the bbq wouldn't light so when the parents turned up to be fed it all went a bit pair shaped.... some people did eat in the end via the HQ's newly refurbished kitchen but we didn't get out till 10 and then had the idignity of the leaders from the 18th sending us beered up text messages while we cleaned up!

Now have a transport crisis for camp, two weeks to go and no way of shifting all our kit down there.

Apparently I do this for fun.

PS Steve Irwin RIP. Lets face it, he was an over grown scout, and the world needs more people who poke dangerous animals with sticks.

What a legend.

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