Wednesday, August 30, 2006

There are, I think, few things more embarrasing in life than some one who is making an utter berk of themselves and doesn't realise. There is one though, and that is one that is making an utter berk of themselves, their friends are telling them, and still they carry on doing it. Its excrutiating to watch.

And so it is with the Daily Express.

As you may have guessed by now I am no great fan of this publication and its politics, it spreads right wing paranoia in a way that is utterly outrageous, however it is right wing paranoia that at least appeals to its core audiance and so you have to admire the business sense behind it (even if you don't like it very much).

However what is more absurd about this paper is its obsession with Princess Dianna and more to the point her death. At least twice a week, regularly more, they have screaming headlines about the cover ups and conspiracy theories that they are continuing to pedal. I don't know of anyone, be they a royalist, a republican or justdontgiveasodists who actually believe any of this. And in addition they simply rewrite the same story again and again and claim as some great new peice of investigative journalism akin to the Watergate case.

They are looking like complete berks, in fact everyone is just pointing and laughing. Its embarrassing. And it is being pointed out to them because they ar elosing readers by the thousand. Its excrutiating.

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