Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I passed my driving text coming up to 5 years ago. Since then I have driven on only 3 or 4 occassions and frankly if I were to start doing so now would need some refresher lessons. However I do feel well within my rights to dish out some advice on driving to the driver of the bloody great taxi that seemed intent on ending my life prematurely this afternoon while I was cylcing home from the station. If you do happen to ever read this I was the cyclist on the blue mountain bike on regent street at about 7pm. Now read my comments below, they may prevent you being arrested for bloody dangerous driving.

1. When the cyclist in front of you is overtaking parked cars and there is on coming traffic, do not, I repeat DO BLOODY NOT, try to over take him. Thus you can prevent said cyclist from shutting his eyes and praying, really REALLY hard and the on coming traffic from swerving and mounting the curb.

2. When you have succesfully, and more importantly safely, overtaken the same cyclist then before you pull across his path and salm your foot as hard on the break as you possibly can to deposit your passengers (who I hope did not give you a tip) please, get a respectable distance in front and use that little black leaver just next to your stearing wheel. Yes, that's the one, just there, it's called an indicator, I will repeat that in case you didn;t notice, an INDICATOR. It works those pretty flashing orange lights on your car, this will give the cyclist some warning that several tons of metal is about to be dumped in his path and gives him time to apply the breaks.

I thank you.

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Katie said...

I hate bad drivers - especially taxis!