Friday, May 26, 2006

Well we seem to have calmed down our moaning Cub Mum. Caps off to S and H who stopped me from sending her a follow up email that might have been described as "giving it to her with both barrells".

Taking today off work, feel the need for an extended weekend, have been accused of working too hard again!

Had a weird dream last night. I have a kid of recuring dream, althought it's different ech time, where I'm doing something or going somewhere and though I set off in loads of time I get later and later. This time it centered on camp. I was trying to cook sunday dinner. I couldn't find the food, then it wasn't what I needed, then there was no gas, the pots weren't big enough, the other leaders dissapeared, the kids dissapeared and by the time I found them it was 10 at night and they were in the pub! And the parents were turning up wanting their kids back.


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