Monday, May 22, 2006

A couple of negatives today.

Firstly one of the 6 new kids that started this term has quit after coming to cubs 3 times. Perhaps I'm overly sensititve but I hate it when that happens. I'm proud of the pack, I put huge amounts of my time and effort in and always feel dissapointed when some one leaves. probably need to take myself less seriously!

Secondly was far more annoying. Had parent of a Cub ring me up to moan about why her son was not a sixer or seconder when younger kids were. God she pissed me off! The reason her son is not a sixer or seconder is because he does not behave like one. He answers back, he doesn't help other kids, is rude and by his OWN MOTHER'S admission is immature for his age. Why the hell should I give him his stripes? She accused me of making one kid a seconder who had only been in the pack 2 months. you what? sorry? No love, the kid you reffer to has been in 10 months, is thoughtful, mature, sel'f confident, polite, does as he's told, and MOST IMPORTANTLY helps others!

She moaned that in Brownies and Guides it seemed to be done be age. Firstly this is not Brownies or Guides. FACT.

Secondly, I can't speak for out friends int he Guides, but in Cubs it is NOT done just one age. Kids have to earn their stripes.

The fact is I have no problem with the kid involved. Yes he has his annoying ways, but that's because he's a kid! The system is set up to give them something to aim at. What has pissed me right off is the attitude of his Mother. GRRRR......

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Katie said...

I have to agree with you on both accounts... I hate losing kids, but so far since I've been acting Scout Leader, I've not lost any - *touch wood*

As for the ignorant parent, that's just out of order. Most of my kids' parents are reasonable and understand my decisions, but think we will be having issues with one of ours when he's not promoted in the next couple of months. Hope I handle it as well as you!