Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's been three years now since I started blogging. It's varied in how often and how much I've written but unfortunately the time has come when this blog is going to go into long term hiatus.

The reasons for this are many and varied. If you are interested as to why then there is more below but if you are not I would just like to thank the small group who have visited this blog regularly over the years, those that commented and those that didn't. It has been nice to know that atleast a few of you read my various ramblings!

I wont be completely vanishing from the interweb. I will still read various other blogs regularly, if you are really lucky I may leave the odd comment, but they will be in exceptional circumstances, and may be anonymously rather than under my "Akela" alter ego, then again Akela may still leave his paw prints, I've not decided yet. Similarly this blog will not vanish entirely. I may post very rare and occasional posts if there is something that I really feel needs to be said so this page will still exist, although the archives will vanish in due course. One or two other bloggers also know, through email, my real name and I suspect that from time to time you may hear from me via email. So you're not rid of me yet!

It is with some regrets. I never completed my "Christian Left" project for example and I am one of the few bloggers that ever tracked, the admintedly rather niche subject, of the tabloids attitude to scouts and guides. If anyone does want to pick my brains on any of that or anything else, although I suspect you don't, then I can be emailed on

So why am I standing down? There are two main reasons (plus others that I can't be arsed going into)

First my pen pic says that I am trying to be a childrens writer. That is still my dream. I can think of no better way of spending my life than inspiring young people and away from scouting words are the way I think I can best do this. Literetaure has the power to change hearts and change minds and that is what I want to do. Don't take my sweary rants on here as an indication of how I write for kids, because it is a completely different side to me.

Writing though takes time and if I am going to do it some things in my life needs to give, one of those is blogging.

I'm not doing this with rose tinted specs. I believe around 5% of those that ever write a novel get it published and of those only around 10% make enough money to live of. But you only live once and what's the point in not persuing your dream?

There are also things in this world I want to change, I am an idealist. You've seen me get angry on here more than once and on occassions those rants have been linked to by more main stream blogs such as Libcon. The fact is though that I am in an awkward position in that respect. I do have a real life and a real job and if this blog went "main stream" I would be putting my job at risk. I am lucky in that my real life job gives me the opportunity to change things for the better and if I can't make a living at writing that job will have to do.

So, as they say, this it.

I'm going now.


PS I will ALWAYS hate the Mail and Express and they will ALWAYS tell lies.

PPS For some proper football get yourself down to Underhill to see my beloved Barnet!


PhilH said...

Best of luck with the writing. I think I need to get off the Interwebs quite so much as well, for much the same reason.

Putz said...

awwwwww, no more posts on the daily or is it it minutely news or mail or junk.....have fun with your also quitting blogggin .....will miss your miss spellings...the putz

Wine in Thyme said...

Awwww. I didn't always "get" what you wrote (some was just too UK for me, and I'm an American) but I always enjoyed your opinions and the honest writing you shared. Best of luck with your writing aspirations. Through your blog, I feel you shared a lot of your passion - especially for your scouts. and your passionate hatred of those news agencies. I'll check back from time to time!

Wine in Thyme said...

aaaaw. Sorry to see you go! I enjoyed your rants, though I didn't always "get" them (too much UK, and I'm an American). Especially enjoyed when you wrote about your scouts - your passion really showed! And, I enjoyed your passionate hatred of the UK media - I share a similar dislike for a lot of our US media-types. Yellow journalism has returned with a vengence.
Best of luck with your children's book writing. You might be in that talented 10%!!!
I'll check back now and then!

Putz said...

so i am interested in how you thought your politics are going this morning???????i also visit with a tory and of my two blogerrs i have in england, you hold my heart the most

Putz said...

so i am interested in how you thought your politics are going this morning???????i also visit with a tory and of my two blogerrs i have in england, you hold my heart the most

Putz said...

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Putz said...

i am goingto blog again so you will notice my comments, you probably never come here on your own blog to visit

Putz said...

do you even know what burma shave is???too young you are i am sure>>>in the olden days, there were a series of sings given wisdom on the raod side and then the last sign burma shave an adv about a having cream>>.i really miss them and you too by the way