Saturday, November 14, 2009

A grouchy moment

Do you know what I hate? Do you know what touches that irrational, raw and sensitive nerve that drives me to distraction? You know the one, you have it as well. It might seem minor but someone out there will be unable to bear the sound of an ice cream van or the short one out of Ant and Dec. We all have it, that minor irritation which for you personally may well drive you over the edge into an axe wielding frenzy one day.

Well for me its those fucking Sensodyne Pronamel adverts with that patronising bitch talking to someone away from the camera as if it's not really an advert to shift some more of their snake oil shite but some proper scientific discussion. I can't bare them, I want to throw things at the telly every time I see one. I want to strangle that bloody woman on them with my bare hands every time I see her lips move.

Just wanted you all to know.

That will be all.

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