Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Guess who's back, back again!

Yes, yours truly has a new ISP and it seems to work a dream so it's farewell to BT, you wont be missed. And I am expecting the large credit on my account to be refunded pronto by the way.

Anyway, before we get back to some proper blogging I'd just like to make a few observations.

1. In the wonderful world of multimap the A1301 appears not to exist, hence I was half an hour late for a meeting today. For anyone travelling in Essex, beware!

2. There are some deeply worrying people in this world. Someone arrived on this blog today by googling "cub scout wank stories". I kid you not. Yes you from Harrow, I am talking about you.

3. I am unsure what George Osborne means by "Whitehall costs", you know, the ones he's going to cut by a third.

4. Cycling in drizzle is very unpleasant.

More proper ranting later. See yah!

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