Friday, October 16, 2009


Two things made me smile at scouts last night on the discipline front. A couple of weeks ago one scout was told to stay inside while the others played a wide game, essentially for being gobby. He however became "selectively deaf" and disappeared outside with the rest. Said scout however reckoned without my elephantine memory! Last night I deliberately arranged the same wide game but this time made dam sure he stayed inside, but instead of having to simply sit in the hall I presented him with marigolds, a dunny brush and toilet duck (other toilet cleaning products are available) and escorted him to the gents where, to my eternal joy, one of the beavers from Wednesday night, had left skid marks, where were now dry and crusty. I invited the scout to get cleaning.

And he did. He took it entirely on the chin, despite the clear horror on his face. Good lad!

Next up, we were stood in a horse shoe at ease for flag down. One scout was being noisy again. Each time he spoke I stopped and waited for silence and eventually exactly what I was looking for happened. Peer discipline! He was stood next to his APL. He spoke, I stopped, I wasn't looking at him so only caught was happened in the corner of my eye. There was movement from his APL, so quick it made a cobra bite look sluggish, and by the time they had my full attention he was clutching his ear in pain, she was stood smartly at ease looking smug. Both were silent.


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