Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coming Soon

It's nearly 1am Thursday morning, I've nto blogged since Sunday and I don't intend to do much of note now, however..... I will be having plenty to say over the next day or two. Stay tuned for the following;

1. More on "penknife gate" (see Sunday's post)
2. Why British Telecom are complete fuckwits
3. Alternative England v Croatia match report
4. My views on England fans
5. How my first night in charge of scouts goes
6. And, when I've done some research, my views on this story which I am predicting will turn out to be complete cobblers.

Watch this space!

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PhilH said...


Just got here from The Enemies of Reason.

I'm also in the process of writing a blog post on the sex education thing right now. Just doing a bit more research into it.

It's my specialist subject too, and I'm well aware the UN are publishing INTERNATIONAL guidance that covers all sorts of issues that could affect any country. So some of it is bound to be irrelevant to the UK.

For a start, though, I've pointed out how the half the commenters are blaming it on the EU (as well as Common Purpose, of course), despite their not being mentioned *at all*