Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shit Days

The last 24 hours in my life have been rather stressful.

For reasons I have had someone staying under my roof who has trotted out the following pearls of wisdom.

1. It is not possible to define racism, therefore no one really suffers from it. He read that on the BNP website.

2. Hitler was a Jew and the holocaust wasn’t his fault. He read that on the BNP website too.

3. Mein Kampf actually makes a lot of sense and it is only poor translation that makes it sound like the ramblings of a complete psycho.

4. The treaty of Versailes (which I will agree with him did lead directly to the election of the Nazis and thus world war 2) was all the fault of a Jewish controlled banking system. Guess we he read that folks?

5. There is no such thing as climate change.

What has made it particularly stressful is that for various personal reasons and as a favour to others, which I will not be going into, I was forced to hold my tongue. I have several ulcers around my lip now from each time I had to bite it till it bled. And to think I took a day off of work to entertain this prick.



Putz said...

did you say the treaty of versailes led directly TO HIS ERECTION????(fromk the daily headline}

Anonymous said...

Ah the increase of available information... leads to an increase in total idiocy. You should direct him to "Speak Your Branes"!