Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A few random thoughts

Lots on at the moment, both at work, at home, at cubs so still not time to write much at the moment but I thought I'd type a few random, if slightly cryptic thoughts.

First I got high fived in the street by a scout from my group who I barely know who told me that he was really looking forward to me moving from cubs to scouts. I was really quite chuffed!

Second I got asked to help with CV writing by a former explorer scout who used to help at cubs, it's always nice when someone like that just pops up out of the blue. Clearly someone remembers me :)

Third some people in this world are bloody stupid and should know better before opening their gobs. They know who they are.

Fourth, just how fucked are Labour? Very fucked. I haven't written much about politics recently as frankly I don't think I can add anything that's not all ready been said. Good night Vienna for this government I think.

Finally the Mail and Express are still shit. As if you'd all forgotten. :)

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Putz said...

hellow stranger...my last comment states that since it is summer...i will not find myself INSIDE on a nice day with word blogs, but wading in a strea,m in my bare feet...see ya in sept