Monday, June 08, 2009

Blame where blame is due

So some extended thoughts from me on the election results.

On Thursday around 120,00 people went out and voted for a party, in the form of the BNP, who's policies range from the evil, eg allowing women to be raped by their husbands, to the sinister, eg introducing "citizenship" classes modeled on existing schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Queens Scout and Queens Guide, but with a nasty nationalist edge to them, to down right fucking stupid, eg withdrawal from NATO. Those individuals were not citizens of some police state where they were frog marched to a polling booth and forced to vote for a bunch of arseholes under threat of violence. No, they did so of their own volition. And they should be utterly and unreservedly ashamed of what they have just done.

People will tell you that not all BNP voters are racist, misogynist twats. And they would be right. Yet those that they refer to should be even more ashamed of themselves. They have not turned to extremists in a time of massive and desperate strife. This is not 1930's Germany or 1900's Russia. People are not starving on the streets, regardless of the current economic climate. These voters may turn around and say that they voted in a fit of rage at the current bunch of main stream politicians and I would agree that they have a huge amount to be angry about. Yet they have still knowingly voted for a group of politicians that think it is perfectly ok for women to be raped just because they have a ring on their left hands. And I don't care how fucking angry you are, to knowingly vote for that is totally unacceptable.

Some of these voters may say they weren't aware of all the other shit, it was just tighter controls on immigration that they want. I'd simply say that UKIP are out there, my personal belief is that they are misguided but not ultimately evil. Why aren't you voting UKIP? They don't advocate repatriation of people with brown skin or the raping of wives . Some may say it was simply a protest, that they never expected the BNP to get anywhere. Well fuck off, fuck right off and shove it up your arse because it's fucking tough because they fucking well did. They have seats in the European Parliament, they will be voting on issues that affect every one of us in this country and if you voted for them and don't really want them then take it on the fucking chin because it is your fucking fault.

What of those people who have been taken in by the BNP? Those who believe all the immigration bull shit that they spread? That believe that we will be living under Sharia law before we know what's happening, that think that people with brown skin are all to get them? I have some sympathy for them, but even they don't get off scot free on this. It takes a special kind of stupid, I mean unbelievably epically fucking thick as pig shit stupid to listen to extraordinary claims like the ones the BNP make and not once, for a few seconds think, "hang on, is this really true?" and do the simplest bit of googling to check. No, they have to share some blame as well.

It is true that if we have main stream politicians with enough humility and intelligence to actually argue based on facts rather than simply try and out hard man the other we would not be in this mess. All those people I have castigated above who are not racist sexist arseholes but who nevertheless voted BNP might actually have voted for one of the dozens of respectable (if in some cases slightly) parties that there out there. Yet ultimately you can't get away from the fact that they all have a personal choice about which way to vote, and they voted to justify rape.

Perhaps in the coming days my anger will abate and I will look back at this post and rethink it, I have certainly had several arguments with people in the real world over these views already today. Perhaps I'll look back on it and agree every word. Yet right here, right now, fuck me, I am so fucking angry I could explode.


I am aware that this post is getting loads of traffic via Liberal Consipracy (many thanks Jenny!) so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a spot of unashamed promotion of my favourite cause, the Scouts.

Right now there are tens of thousands of kids in this country on waiting lists to get into scout groups at every age range. It is an organisation that developes young people to be everything that the BNP is not. Intelligent, careing, tolerant and with an appreciation of all religions and cultures both in this country and abroad. In fact everything that would send that fat fuck Griffin into orbit. To get these kids of waiting lists and into scouting we need adult volunteers, people like you. If you would like to be part of something amazing, click here. All you need is a sense of humour and no prior convictions!

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