Monday, March 02, 2009

A Sad Goodbye

As a leader you can never have favourites in your group. It's not fare on anyone, either the kids themselves, the other kids, other leaders or yourself. You don't do anyone any favours and cause problems for a lot of others. So that's that explanation out the way.

However all leaders are human and there will always be those kids who you end up getting on with better, who you have a natural soft spot for. And tonight I said a sad goodbye to two of those kids who had their last night before moving up to scouts. Both are bubbly, enthusiastic, well behaved yet normally up to some kind of good natured mischief. They are brilliant with younger kids when they get tired and can talk to guests and other adults confidently.

All round good eggs and I am going to miss them both!

And what is cubs loss is most definitely our scout troop's gain.

Good luck girls!

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