Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A nudge in the right direction

Over at the enemies of reason Anton has commented several time in recent days about how some of the Mail's nastier articles are not of the Littlejohn variety, they don't need to do that to get the reaction they seek out of their readers. No, some times they just give them a nudge in the right direction.

This morning we have another example, a story about Muslim friendly uniforms for fire fighters. The story itself could be worse, but look at the headline

"Now fire service introduces hijab headscarves for Muslim workers"

All it needs is that one word, "Now", it implies some kind of endless and pointless load of PC nonsense, when it's nothing of the sort of course. It's that one nudge in the right direction. No comments yet but it's the crack of dawn. I'll be checking back later and will be braced for something nasty.

Watch this space!


I hope my fellow Christians will excuse the expression but, sweet Jesus. It really is worse than you could possibly imagine.

The comments, of course, have the usual PC gone mad, pandering to minorities blah blah blah shite. Yet I totally underestimated the stupidity of Mail readers, of I underestimated a long way indeed.

You see most of them have not read the article because they are all rambling on about how could you fight fires or climb ladders in the head scarf and skirt. It clearly says in the article though that it's for wearing in the station, school visits etc. IT'S NOT FOR FIGHTING FUCKING FIRES.

And then the best bit, oh the best of all, one comment says this

"Oh for goodness sake, read the article properly. This uniform isn't for fighting fires in, it clearly says:

The hope is that the uniforms, designed for wearing round the station and outings such as school trip."

Tina, Netherlands"

Note, the comment offers no opinion, just points out the mistakes of others yet at the time of writing this has a rating -237!!!! now given that I gave it a green arrow that's at least 238 people who either can't read or have decided to ignore basic facts for the sake of their own prejudice.

Either way, it's blodoy worrying.


Yakoub said...

I'm not sure the news side of anti-Muslim media works quite the same way as the pundit side. See Poole's research. It's partly a prevailing ethos, certainly, but right wing hacks simply plug into the way the media as a whole focuses on news themes pertaining to Muslims, such as hijab, faith schools, etc. - the reason THIS happens is to do with a broader political milieu whereby demonizing Muslims serves the interests of Western elites.

Shoot The Mail hacks (metaphorically), sure, and enjoy it, but this is a much bigger problem than right-wing journo-nasties having a pissing party.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

I hadn't spotted this before I put up my own post looking at the same article and focusing on the same thing. Oops!

I shall link back here from my own post straight away!

Akela said...

Yakoub, I understand the point you're making, but this demonising only works with the co-operation of the massed media. The media should actually be providing checks and balances and telling the truth, that is what journalism should do and that is why I reserve my rath for them!

5CC - no problem, I'm glad that someone else picked up on it too!