Monday, March 16, 2009

Meat and Potatoes

So back to what this blog started life as, what it's like being a cub leader and a couple of things that occurred to me during cubs tonight.....

First it was deadline day for final payments and permission forms for our week long camp at half term, Cubjam, we came so close to a full house. We have all the money in and all but one of the permission forms. And the irritating thing is that the moment we advertised this camp back in September I could have told you who I would be chasing. I know because it's always the same. I know who will get it in first, who will be in last minute and who I will have to harass. It's absolutely infuriating. Such is the life of a scout leader!

Anyway next up was something I hadn't really appreciated before. We were playing a wide game outside and I had a gas tilly lamp lit. Now these things get hot and I had told the kids to not stand too near it. The game involved different teams wearing different t-shirts at different times and their came a point where one kid was trying to put one on, had it stuck, couldn't see and was staggering around and was suddenly straddling the tilly lamp. Before I knew what had happened I had picked him up and put him down again well clear of it. I didn't think, I didn't pause, I just did it and could easily have not noticed at all! And it struck me how much of this I now do on auto pilot. I've done this so many years now (coming up to 15) that much of it has become instinctive.

It's slightly scary.

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Putz said...

my wife won'r let me blog saying my spelling grammer and mentioning her embarrasses her so goodby, love your cub adventures and i guess your rants on littlejonh the post ect