Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A few observations and things that Akela learned today.

1. Trying to run the communicator's badge with cubs gets trickier when BT helpfully remove the phone box that was once just yards from the HQ.

2. You can only eat so much muesli before it gets a bit dull.

3. Insomnia is pretty dull. Even more dull than an excess of muesli.

4. Muesli is an incredibly difficult word to spell.

5. TV this late at night gets a bit freaky. Have you ever watched quiz call? Some cracking films though, 28 days later, indecent proposal, entrapment. Why aren't they on earlier in the day?

6. Some people are so fucking useless that organising the proverbial social occasion in a brewery is clearly beyond them.

7. Some kids are too bright for their own good. When a 9 year old tells you they've built their own server the temptation has to be there to poke them in the eye.

8. There's none so deaf as those that wont listen.

1 comment:

Putz said...

number 9.......what are boys doing in a brewry/////??????