Thursday, February 12, 2009

A nasty bit of reporting

Have you ever seen the nazi propaganda films from the 30s and 40s where they talk about jews carrying disease? How they spread crime and brought chaos with them? If you've not then go look some of them up, I imagine some of them are on you tube etc. I'm sure you'll agree that there is something pretty distasteful about them but more than that it is difficult looking back to understand how people fell for it. They did of course, we know that, but it is still so obvious looking at it now that those films talking shit.

So it's pretty chilling when we see news paper reports like this.

The story is a about a report by Sheffield City Council and Sheffield primary care trust into poverty among the Slovakian population. Now I've not been able to track down a copy of the report on line, although I'm tempted to try and get hold of a paper copy, but it's clear even from the story in the Mail that this is meant to highlight the consequences of poverty among the Slovakian population. It's interesting how this is emphasised even further in another report in the Sheffield Star.

And yet, despite the message that it is trying to give what headline does the Mail come out with? What is the important message that it feels we need to hear?

"Migrant children are wandering 'destitute' and 'spreading disease', says NHS report"

Yup, that's right folks, forget that these people are getting screwed over, now lets make sure everyone knows how they are spreading disease.

Now lets see, Slavic people irrationally accused of spreading disease? Where have we heard that before? Oh yes, I remember.

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Putz said...

well, the holocast was not even close to real if you listen to the din out there.....and even that gal who was the daughter of the butcher of lyon told every one how jews were not to be near or you would catch something from them and die....what was a kid to believe?????