Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wrong end of the stick

It seems that at least one organisation in the form of The Christian Institute, which appears to be a worryingly fundamentalist mob, has got completely the wrong end of the stick.

Yes scouts can make their promise to Allah if they are Muslim, but this is not restricted to Scotland, it is done throughout the UK and indeed in many other countries throughout the world. Similarly they can promise to whatever they call God in their own religion. It's not a problem. To be honest I'm not too worried about the report, the more we make it known that the scouts are an inclusive organisation the better. From its earliest days the scouts has tried to reach out to all nations, cultures and religions. Hence there are only 5 countries in the world where scouting is not present.

What is worrying though is the way some of the more extreme right wing parts of the internet has reacted to it.

Here are a few links as an example, however I would warn you before reading them that some of the views expressed are at best bigotted, at worst they are down right offensive to any right thinking human being. You have been warned.

Lets start with some of the softer stuff, first we have free republic, which seems to be a rather nasty hot bed of Islamophobia, albeit with some more sensible individuals trying to make their voices heard.

Next up we have the illiterat at weasel zippers. Sweet Jesus, read it, just read it! At least Nick Griffin et al can string a coherent sentence together.

We have a BNP twat just making stuff up, if he ever find this, yes a Christian would be able to promise to God and the Queen. Try doing some research, POR is quite openly available on the internet.

Finally the piece de resistance, this nasty little comment BFB, apparently people like me will pay for our betrayal in due course. Oh goody.

What nasty little dicks their are out there.

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