Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guess who's back? Back again?

No don't worry, two trailer park girls wont be going round the outside, but some of you may recall my open letter to another inhabitant of the blogosphere IPP, some time ago. Well IPP has finally replied by way of a comment on that story and I would invite you to read it.

I will be replying in one form or another at some point, not for a while though as I have a lot on today. In the mean time make of it what will you!

PS - IPP, let's be clear, call me a cunt again and you wont be welcome on here again. That's your first, last and only warning.

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Anonymous said...

well, that was rather unpleasant. There were points I had to gloss over... I would question the use of the term authoritarian v. liberal v. democratic. Aren't most modern-day laws developed as a result of democratic process, and less as an authoritarian event? Haven't most laws (speed limits, smoking laws, drunk-driving, incest... blah blah blah) been established to help improve our society, by either banning or making it terribly difficult to achieve something detrimental to one or more's health? I think Rory sounds a bit obstinate and argumentative because he does not like you or your opinions. I'll have to pay more attention to his comments on Snuffy's post.