Sunday, January 25, 2009

Follow Up

Just as quick follow up to yesterday's post regarding the accident in Glen Coe I thought I'd point you towards this (at least those of you with an interest in the mountains, to the rest of you it's a pretty pointless exercise!). It's a pretty good avalanche awareness quiz produced by Glenmore Lodge and worth having a go at.

I think I did reasonably well at 74% although I reckon I could do with some refresher training given the score. (In my own defence a couple of the questions weren't completely wrong, like when asked to pick the most dangerous route I may not have picked THE most dangerous but still clearly picked a pretty dam stupid one!).


Putz said...

winter survival...just this morning, i got another 10 inchezs of snow on 5 inches f snow om 4 inches of snow....survival in my own house is the key...i would probably get a 104%, i know how to live in the snow

Akela said...

Come on then Putz! Take the quiz! Let's see the colour of your money!