Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas

Christmas holidays are nearly upon us, I will be pretty much on tour among friends and family so don't expect much from me for a while.

I know I gripe and moan on here quite a lot, about an awful lot of things but try and understand that this is simply where I let it all out. I am actually quite a happy person! I have a fabulous family, lots of brilliant friends, the wonderful Mrs Akela, a roof over my head, a stable job that I enjoy, good health, live in a democratic country with freedom of speech, enough to eat and drink and so much that many others in this world don't have as do the majority of folks who visit this site.

So I intend to eat, drink and be merry and leave the griping behind me until the new year (unless Littlejohn writes anything uber offensive over Christmas that is, then I may do a special edition).

Happy Christmas all of you, have a wonderful time, see you in January :)

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