Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things Akela learned at the weekend

1. Being in charge of 33 cubs and brownies on a trip into central London by public transport is the most mentally taxing thing you can do. Stuff relativity or atomic physics, try keeping track of a bunch of 9 year olds in a crowded place.

2. The message still hasn't got across to the great British public that scouting is available to girls across the entire age range from 6 upwards. Hence the constant points and comments of surprise at me having a bunch of girls in cub uniform.

3. Some people in London are very very rude indeed.

4. London turns your bogies black. What is ever doing that cannot be healthy.

5. In the 16th century it was considered unlucky to wash while at sea.


Putz said...

you know with all my cubbing, scouting, we never mixed girls and boy cubs, we were always convinced the girls couldn't handle wrong we were

Putz said...

oh read my blog on the english experience i had 45 years ago, you will get a chuckle

Kel D said...

It's the iron from the rails on the tube that turn bogies black. The trains make iron filings come off and everyone breathes them in.
Or so I have been told.