Monday, October 27, 2008

Totally out of fashion

One thing that slightly pisses me off about music is the way that the "in crowd", the people who decide who is cool are so fickle. And when I mean what's cool I don't meant the people who made Girls Aloud popular, I mean the people who decided that the White Stripes, or Plane White T's or the Huckabees were cool. Now I actually quite like all those bands (although I suspect I spelt Huckabees wrong, but I don't care, it's my blog, deal with the numerous typo's ok!) but what irritates me is how other bands are just cast by the way side for simply doing what they do best.

Principle among these people guilty of doing this is Jo Whiley, who is so far up her own arse that she can see daylight and principle amongst these bands is Oasis.

I'm not asking you to like Oasis, they are not to everybody's taste. They are, however, exactly what they are. A bunch of blokes that play guitars, not to the most talented standard but a dam site better than I do, and produce rock and roll. Occasionally they produce something touching, I still think Slight Away is the best rock ballad ever recorded. Sometimes they produce some utter wank. Witness songs like Be Here Now.

All I'm saying is that if you like a certain band, or song or type of music then just admit it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I like all kinds of music, some of it I'm sure you, good reader, would like, some of it you wouldn't. Rummage through my record collection and you will find that gem where you will look at me and say "wow I never knew anyone else liked that", equally you will find something that will make you point at me and laugh. What will link those two very different extremes is that I will still like them and I wont give a monkey's if you do or don't. I'm sure the same would be true if I went through your record collection.

The likes of Joe Whiley though, regardless of their undoubted greater knowledge of music than mine, will simply cast aside bands like Oasis when they are out of fashion and I just think that shows how utterly shallow the likes of her.

And I write this as I've just been watching Oasis on tv. They're not big, they're not clever, they're never going to write some great work of introspective angst, but you know what? They still rock and I still love them!

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i am interested in who visists you.....i read about those from manchester leister etc etc...and i miss spell on purpose,,,I AM THE PUTZ