Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still no room at the inn

Two more days, two more kids turned away from cubs because we don't have any spare spaces. Like I said before it's brilliant that the demand is there, we are clearly doing something right if scouting is this popular and it just goes to show that young people are not bereft of a sense of adventure, as the media seem to think they are. It is though still imensley frustrating that we can't offer these kids places because we just don't have the adults.

Who ever you are, why ever you're reading this, have you ever thought about giving being a scout leader a try? All you need is no previous convictions and a sense of humour! Go on, you know you're tempted :-)

1 comment:

Putz said...

yes i am tempted, but alas you are 3000 miles away and i am 66