Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guess who’s back? (Or what Akela did on his holidays!)

So after a few days (mostly) away from the keyboard yours truly has returned from his holidays (or a short break anyway) and is ready to rant away once again.

However before I start on the time honoured tradition of exploding about one thing or another I thought I’d say a few words in praise of where I have been for the last few days, that is Cornwall. And what a fabulous place it is!

For those of you who rarely, if ever, get away from the hustle, bustle and general soullessness of London and the South East then drop every thing and go, go now. It simply has a different pace of life, the moment I stepped off the train I could feel things slowing down. The scenery is stunning but what I loved most of all is the way that everything is so much less formal.

Our hotel, The Grove (in Falmouth by the way) was run by a character slightly reminiscent of Bernard Black in Black Books (a tv show which if you have never seen you must do so very quickly), he didn’t know what day it was most of the time, didn’t know what day any of his guests were leaving, could barely be bothered even thinking about charging us for our stay and generally made us feel like we were a guest in his own home. The Pea Souk café was run by a wonderfully grumpy old woman where once again you were on her territory and would do things her way. Simply brilliant! Harvey’s Wharfe Restaruant. Wonderful food if you want a spot of posher nosh but service that bordered on Fawlty Towers style at times, again all too friendly to worry about though.

Of course not everyone shares these views, we shared the train down with a group on students, one of whom set about telling everyone who could be bothered to listen (and frankly there weren’t too many) about what a brilliant place London is and how it was the greatest city in the world. Bit of a prick really. The temptation was to get up and tell him to fuck off back there if he thought it was so great but to be honest I had neither the time nor energy to do so.

All in all though a good trip away!

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