Friday, September 12, 2008

For the love of God why?

I probably watch too much TV, it's a habit I have developed over the last couple of years since I stopped spending 3 hours of my day commuting. It's also something that I fully intend to dispense with lest I encounter more odious stuff like the Jeremy Kyle show. Any how, I wanted to comment on something I have seen on the goggle box (as my dear old Nan used to call it) recently.

What is it? I hear you cry.

It's the advert for the Cats Collection, the website for which can be found here. An advert for a product that seemed so pointless and awful that I simply had to have a shifty at their website.

I look at this product and I have to ask myself, for the love of God why? Why would you buy this? Why would you have any desire to have anything to with it? Why would you create it? Why would you have the nerve to try and sell it to anyone?

For the love of God why??????????????????

Look at it, just look at it, LOOK AT THE FUCKING THING!


What possessed the people responsible for this? It's not even like it's aimed at kids, it actually seems to be aimed at adults, at people with some kind of interest in cats. And they are trying to flog them these utterly tacky and vile er.... well.... I don't know what they are, some kind of fluffy toy?

I'm always amazed at the crap you can buy in the shops but this must have plumbed new depths.

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