Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Total Fuckwit

Today I think I encountered the world's biggest fuckwit. Yes, I am talking about the driver of VW Corrola GK06GKU, an individual who's display of driving prowess this afternoon came as close as possible to killing me without actually committing the act itself.

Drivers, if you are not familiar with the concept of the cyclist, let me make something clear, WE GO SLOWER THAN YOU DO. Hence there may be times when you find yourself behind one of us and having to crawl along at snails pace because there is no room to over take. Some pieces of advice to bear in mind at this point.

1. Bringing your front bumper to within a mm of the cyclists back wheel will not get you where you want to go any faster.

2. If you hit said cyclist we are going to come off and probably go under your wheels.

3. That will result in my entrails or those of a fellow cyclist all over the underside of your car and we wouldn't want a nasty mess like that to clean up now would we?


When the time comes and you can finally get past us it is normally polite to give a couple of feet of space as opposed doing what VW man did and try and use my handle bars to shave a layer of paint off the side of his car.

In short, the driver of GK06GKU is a knob end and one that is going to get someone killed.


Putz said...

we have actuaally had bikers hit on highways on purpose by auto drivers, my son ride 4000 dollars bikes everywhere

ImmI said...

great post ;)