Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Ministry of Crap Design

Many years ago when Ben Elton was funny (yes ladies and gentlemen he actually used to be quite good as a stand up comic) I remember him having a rant about things so crap that their design could not have been a mere accident. Somebody must have actually sat down at designed it. His particular hate was for those nasty little tea pots at motorway services that have somehow been designed so that you cant get the tea into the cup, it just dribbles everywhere. Not being a big fan of tea this has never caused me a problem however I can confess that the ministry of crap design is alive and well. How do I know? Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the insanity, the byzantine nightmare that is

This website is so crap that somebody, somehow, must have designed it that way.

This time yesterday yours truly sat down to do the shop for cub summer camp. At 14 people for 3 nights this is not exactly a jamboree but nevertheless that is a lot of meals to serve up and on a budget to, so there was a lot of shopping to do. Eventually I gave up, saved what I'd done and got stuck back into it at lunch time today.

So far so good.

Except that when I had completed my shop and tried to buy it, that's right, tried to give Tesco money (something which I gather they are rather keen on) it simply changed my order back to what I had saved last night.

So I assumed I had done something wrong.

So I started again.

And again.

And again.

Tesco kept on refusing to let me give them money.

This is such a crap peice of design that it cannot, simply cannot, be an accident. What utter berk, what cretinous little pollock managed to design something that crap? Who designed a website to sell stuff that keeps refusing customer's money? No. No one can be that much of dick head, it must have been deliberate.

So beware ladies and gentlemen, the Ministry of Crap Design is out there. And its out to get you.

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