Friday, March 14, 2008

A quick lesson in theology

Thanks to the enemies of reason for bringing this to my attention.

It makes me despair it, really does. Where the hell is the compassion or intellectual thought behind this kind of thing? You see compassion and a rigorous intellect are, I believe, two things that you should expect from a bishop, i.e. a leader in a religion that has, as one of its central pillars, the concept of forgiveness.

Conservative Christians will tell you that the bible is very clear about homosexuality. Sorry folks but it’s not. Yes there is Sodom and Ghomorah and all that jazz but the old testament also tells us not to eat shell fish and I don’t see any of these people giving up their cockles and mussels, do you? When you point that out they will point to the teachings of St Paul in the new testament. Yet here is the rub, and listen carefully. The whole point, the whole fucking point, the entire basis of Christianity is that NO ONE IS PERFECT. That’s the whole point fuck nut!

So you cannot take the opinion of any person as being absolute.

God gave us all a brain, now bloody well use it.

I don’t think it would ever be possible to put all my thoughts on theology and religion etc into one post so I wont even try. Just let it be known that people like this really piss me off.

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