Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Joys of Spring

Well spring is trying to stick it's head in the door, which is nice. I do love this time of year, and March particularly, the days get a lot longer, very quickly, I love that feeling. But this year, it has brough something else, something penatrating , something that is driving me to the edge of distraction.

There are Starlings nesting and mating, furiously and noisily, outside my bedroom window.

Now I know that this is nature's way, I am not a prude, they are clearly havign the time of their lives and frankly goodluck to them. But why? Why do they have to nest in the eves just outside my bedroom window and then start going for it, and I mean really going for it, I mean swinging from the chandalier, type going for it at 5am every bloody morning? Do they not understand that some of us are trying to bloody sleep?

It is getting to the point of being intolerable!

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Barlow Putz said...

being a bird watcher, that would be intriguing to me, my birds who i feed constantly do not mate