Thursday, February 28, 2008

One more reason to hate London (as I do, with a passion).

The screaming headline on the evening standard - "Eartquake hits London".

Eh? You what? Come again? No. "Small Earthquake knocks down Chimney pots in Lincolnshire oh and bythe way some people could feel it as far away as London" might have been more accurate.

You see it's the same old story, anything that happens, anything, be it a train strike, a dusting of snow, council tax rises, anything, then according to the media it never happens anywhere other than London. And it really pisses me off!

Yes I know that 15 million people live iether in or in the counties that surround the big smoke but then another 10 million live either in Greater Manchester or the counties that surround it. And what's moe most Londoners seem to go along with this, they all think that there's fuck all in this country outside of their over crowded, stinking polluted cess pit.

Rant over.

Anyway, back to the cubs, we had a great camp last weekend, joint with 1st Coventry cubs, the kids from the two packs got on really well and they had a fab time. I sometimes get told that you can't do pioneering with cubs. Well we proved that wrong! One 15 foot high swing built with proper lashings by cubs. I thank you.

What was also great was getting them cooking. Some of these kids don;t have a clue, they just don't cook or handle food at home. We got them making very simple pork chop parcels to cook on fires. They didn't have to do much, it was mostly about peeling and chopping their veggies but they loved it and all want to do more cooking.

Its not the first time we've cooked with them, we put a big emphasis on food in our programme and I think that much of the recent press coverage about school dinners and children's knowledge of food justifies this completely. every time we do something that involves food, and I mean proper food, making proper meals not just toasting marshmellows (scouting has moved on in recent years!) the kids love it.

Long may it continue!

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my people are all from Salford