Friday, January 11, 2008

The world has just lost a true hero.

Sir Edmund Hilary of course made his name through the conquest of Everest, but he was made truly great through the humanitarian work he did for the people of Nepal and the simple and humble way in which he conducted himself. He was a man who despite his deep commtiment and compassion for others nevertheless mantained that boyish thirst for adventure and exploration that so many people lose.

If my Cubs were to ask me for one person on which to model themselves I would point them to this man.

Rest in Peace Sir Ed.

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Barlow Putz said...

YOU THOUGHT YOU LOST ME DIDN'T YOU????? well i'm back like a bad english penny to torment you some more...i posted about hilary also, and of course my hero LORD BADEN POWELL...i love your politics, as a compliment, i can never tell how far left or right you are, and that is just as well, and i envy your cubs to be led by you, i had great leaders in my scout life, william edwards, oren mueller, men you don't know but don't have to know, and now ME, have to have winter camps at minus thirteen in epahraim utah