Sunday, November 25, 2007

So now I'm back and over the jet lag I thought I'd sribble a few thoughts on New York.

Firstly, the toilets. The toilets are too low to the ground. I know it's only a minor thing but to Akela's mind it's really quite annoying.

Secondly the size of the place. America is a big country with a low population density so they have plenty of space, so I suppose it's obviouse that everything is going to be big. Yet the scale of some of the building, roads, bridges etc is just absurd!

Impatients! In the Uk if one were to try the door of the toilet and find it wouldn't open one would assume that it was locked and simply wait for the occupant to leave. It's that simple. In New York that is not how it works. When the door doesn't open people simply rattle the door till you have to tell them that you're on there.

Lewis Black - total legend. If you haven't encountered this comedien yet then you really must, and soon. He's kind of a cross between Jack Dee bitterness and anger and Basil Fawlty's ranting. Very funny, very clever.

Over all it was a great fun trip although I have decided that long haul flying sucks, it really sucks. So there.

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