Friday, August 10, 2007

Yes its my pet rant again. The Daily Fucking Mail.

Following there sneering comments about the fact that we (the scouts) failed to give muslim kids bacon and sausages for breakfast on Brownsea island, an article that plumbed new depths of spin, ignorance and prejudice, they have now picked up on the fact that 13 scouts from Bangladesh, India and Uganda have gone missing from the jamboree.

Here are the facts. 9 failed to show altogether, 4 went missing. It's not even clear if the first 9 even arrived in the country. One of them is 12, given that you are emant to be 14 to attend a jamboree it indicates that they came with their parent who would have been a leader. To me this indicates they may have gone to visit family.

Most importantly they are here on LEGAL VISITORS VISAS. They are NOT ilegal immigrants.

Yet the mail has written a patronising, sneering article claiming that they are all going to try and stay based on no evidence and thefact that the police can't, quite rightly, prove other wise. I have posted a comment on the site supporting the scouts and thankfully it has reached the top of the comments section.

But how is a paper like this, that is so prejudiced, biased and ignorant able to shift a million copies a day? What is it about the UK population that allows this?

At times words cannot express just how angry this paper makes me.

What frustrates me on a more personal level is my inability to do anything about it. I am a wannabe writer and one of my heros is John Steinbeck. Steinbeck was a writer who managed to take his white hot rage and channel it into an amazing book like the Grapes of Wrath. I just wish that I had such self control.

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