Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Its been nearly two weeks since I last blogged! So what is happening on planet Akela? There's been quite a bit but the main thing I wanted to comment on was something that happened on Sunday night.

Some friends held a party, actually it was more than that, it was a mini festival. These lads live in the middle of nowhere and have a huge back garden, living the batchelor pad dream I think! So they can make plenty of noise. The evening progressed and suddenly the gate crashers turned up. One of them was particularly nasty. At a guess I would say he was in his late 20's or early 30's and clearly drunk. Not a little bit merry like most at the party were, but I mean REALLY drunk.

And he started chatting up a girl there who was only 18 or 19. When she wasn't interested he turned very nasty and aggressive. I wont repeat the things he came out with because they were very unpleasent, rude and abusive. It was dealt with, he and his friends were ejected and things returned to normal.

What worries me though is the view this individual had of women. Yes he was drunk but that is no excuse. In his minds eye this girl was simply some kind of object to be conquered and when he failed the dislike comign from him was clear.

What creates this view of women in some men? Where does this disrespect come from? At the very least this man has a mother and at least two grand mothers. Given this why do they not manage to show them respect?

Its something that goes down through history, everywhere you look, in every walk of life, men have traditionally crapped on women from a great height. In recent years, atleast in the west, this has been far less the case, so why do so many men still take this attitude?

I don't understand.

PS I intend to swear a little less on here, even about the Daily Mail!

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