Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yesterday the alleged leader of an alleged group of football thugs who allegedly support West Ham and who allegedly trashed a pub near White Hart Lane in 2003 was found not guilty of various charges. he claims to be completely innocent and his days of being a member of the ICF (The inter city firm, an infamos group of 1980's hooligans) are behind him.

And if you believe that you'll believe anything.

Now it is a shame that this particular specimen of pond life has not ended up behind bars. Such though is life.

What I am hopping mad about is that his barrister is a Barnet fan, my little club that is safe for kids to go and watch on their own. He saw fit to take his client to the club bar for a celebratory drink and brag about it on the club message board. I have never met this Barnet fan but I think that there is enough evidence here to classify him as a total wanker.

Worse though is that his client now wants to sponsor a game at Underhill next season and bring his army of wankers with him.

Let me make it clear, and I believe I speak for the over whelming majority of not just Barnet fans but also all football fans, they are not welcome. End of story. Full stop. This is my club, it is a club where you can have a drink with the players and the chairman after the game. It is a club where kids can come on their own safely. It is part of the community and trying to get more local support for a new stadium.

We do not need pond life like this at our club, regardless of how much money they spend.

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